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The articles in this category are imports from Wikipedia (listed at the bottom of the page), and may include sections not relevant to the Shared Intelligence Solutions community, and thus may need rewriting. They may also be incorrectly linked or formatted. Please help this wiki prosper by editing these pages with new information, links, accuracy and to better reflect the wiki's slant.

How to import an article from Wikipedia

Articles that are relevant to this wiki are mostly in the Wikipedia Imports category subtree. If you find an article that you feel belongs here and does not exist here yet, you may import it as a whole. Wikipedia and Wikia are license-compatible, so you need not ask for any permission. However, it is advisable that you are at least somewhat familiar with the MediaWiki markup syntax.

  • To import an article, open it in edit mode on Wikipedia and copy the source text. Please do not just grab the rendered text from the displayed article. Then, open the blank article on this wiki for editing and paste the wikitext there.
  • To keep the necessary content attribution, now look up the Wikipedia article's revision number. You can do this by looking at the history (it's the latest one) or copy the "permanent link" in the sidebar. Add the following template to the article's "references" section (if that section does not exist, create it): {{FromWikipedia|article=Wikipedia article name goes here - replace spaces with underscores|revision=Wikipedia article revision number goes here}}.
  • Also add [[Category:Wikipedia Imports]] (this category) to the article. The template does not do this automatically, by design.
  • Remove all other categories and interlanguage links from the article - this wiki uses its own categorization scheme.
  • Remove the images - We do not have an image policy at the moment, and it will be trivial to add them again at a later point once we decide on one. Wikipedia does not have many images to begin with, so this is not much work.
  • Now have a look at the templates that are used - many will not exist here. Remove the ones you don't think are necessary. If you spot one you think is necessary, import it to this wiki as well. Note that this wiki does not use the large infoboxes of Wikipedia at the moment, so you should leave them out since they are very complicated and we will probably make our own system. Same goes for navigational templates.
  • Adjust the links - most articles on Wikipedia will not exist on this wiki either, or will have different names. Remove any links you don't think are useful at all; adjust links topical links that could work on this wiki to the format used here - though it may be useful to create redirects.
  • Save the article with an edit summary stating that you imported it from Wikipedia; ideally, mention the revision as well.

Common problems with Wikipedia articles

If you want to fix up an article from Wikipedia, you might check for the following common problems:

  • Typo/grammar problems. This is obvious, and every article needs it. But if you're already at it, don't forget it.
  • Naming and link conventions. As stated above, also obvious.
  • Overkill lead section. Wikipedia requires its articles to be pretty much standalone, which is not required to that degree here.
  • Factual inaccuracies. This is the most important point. If you can't fix them, it might be desirable to take out difficult sections altogether, or to add a note that it's not entirely accurate. At the very least, make a note about such matters on the talk page. Also, since this wiki has a much finer granularity than Wikipedia, it might be worthwhile to branch out such a questionable section to its own article, which can then be written from ground up.

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