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Drug Identification Wizard The Hazmat Placard and Symbol Identifier Wizard is a search engine query script that searches data sources according to descriptive keywords that you enter into the search field. If the key text words entered by the user are associated with information and graphics in the connected databases (e.g, are listed in a HazmatID template), the search engine will return the results in a table and ranked according to frequency and relevance.

To search for information on an unidentified Hazmat placard or symbol, enter descriptive keywords (select one choice from each of the shape, background design, color, wording, number, and symbol lists below, e.g., "diamond, solid, orange, EXPLOSIVES, 1.6, Explosion") in the box below. To help add to the growing base of shared knowledge on Hazmat and other dangerous goods and their identifying characteristics, go to Help:HazmatID.

Hazmat Placard and Symbol Identification Table

Hazmat class HAZMAT Class 1.6 Explosives
HAZMAT Class 1-6 Explosives.png
Characteristic Appearance Characteristic Appearance
Shape Diamond Background design Solid
Color Orange Symbol Explosion
Wording EXPLOSIVES Numbering 1.6, *1